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The only “full snow event” of the season, Rally Sweden will take place on snow and ice covered roads.

Starting in 2022, Rally Sweden will be held in the northern part of Sweden, where abundant snowfall is expected. The service park will be located in Umeå, the largest city in the north, 400 km south of the Arctic Circle, and the stages will be all new.

Rally Sweden, which takes place in and around the city of Umeå, is the only snow event on the calendar and has numerous challenges for crews to tackle. Chief among them are the snow banks that line the stages. The snow banks can help or hinder the driver, and while they can help with turning if used correctly, if hit too hard they can engulf the car and stop the crew’s progress. Therefore, the balance between speed and accuracy is the key to success in this stage.

In addition, the road surface in Rally Sweden is the fastest of any WRC event, and the studless tires used in the event are designed to provide high grip on icy surfaces. Add to this the long days and nighttime stages, and you have a grueling and unpredictable event.

The 2024 Rally Sweden will begin with a shakedown on the morning of Thursday, March 15, followed by the 5.16-km SS1 “Oumeå Sprint” near the city center of Oumeå that evening after 7:00 pm.

The real battle in the forested area will begin before 9:00 a.m. on the following day, Friday the 16th, with three stages running twice each in the area from the west to the north of Oumeo as Day 2; stages SS2/5 “Bratby” and SS4/7 “Froda” will remain unchanged from last year, but SS3/6 “Norby” will be largely will be different. In addition, the “Oumeaux Sprint” will again be run as SS8 at the end of the day.

Day 3 on Saturday the 17th will consist of three stages run twice each in the area from the west to the north of Oumeaux. Of these, SS9/12 are new stages, and SS11/14 partially overlap with the Bottsmark stage held last year. At the end of the day, SS15, an extended version of the Oumeo Sprint, will be held.

The final day, Day 4 on Sunday, January 18, will consist of two runs of a single stage northeast of Oumeo. The final stage, SS18 “Oumeo 2,” is a re-run of Saturday’s SS15 and is designated as a “power stage” where bonus championship points will be awarded to the competitor and manufacturer who record the top 5 times. The 18 stages total 300.10 km in length, and the total distance covered, including liaisons (travel sections), is expected to be 1202.11 km.